lovelong22 (lovelong22) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Traveling to Ecuador and the Galapagos

  So, I'm going to Ecuador for 6 weeks to do volunteer work with a Galapagos trip at the end, so my period is really unavoidable. It's also really unpredictable so I have no clue if I will get it at the beginning when I'm in housing, the middle when out at a camp, or the end at the Galapagos... We will have showers and proper washrooms, but I know the water isn't the cleanest. No drinking tap water, etc. Will this be an issue for cleaning the cup? I don't really want to get bacteria up there. I wash my cup with soft soap every time before I insert it or else I get UTIs. Would that be enough to counter act the water? I was also thinking about just bringing in my bottled water with me, and using that.

I mean maybe it doesn't matter at all.

Does anyone have any insight or suggestions?

Tags: camping & backpacking, cleaning, travel
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