Amanda (amanda132) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Really want a cup... need some advice!

The more I learn about menstrual cups, the more I want one!  At first I was just thinking about getting a Diva Cup because it seems to be the most readily available and publicized, but now I'm seeing that there are all these options.  I'm a college student, so I can't go collecting cups... hopefully I can get it right the first time!  Although I just told my mom about cups, and I may have convinced her to buy me one.  Anyway, my back story... I'm 19, and I'm not a virgin.  (Although my boyfriend is concerned that the width of the cup will "stretch me out" or something. *shakes head*)  I'm pretty sure I have a pretty high cervix, if what I was touching was my cervix.  I could pretty much just touch it with my middle finger (around 65 or 70 mm).  I think it also might be long because I could sort of get the tip my finger around it a little bit, but I'm not sure if that's normal.

Anyway, I'm looking for the best (reasonably priced) cup for me.  Does anyone have any recommendations, or should I just go with the Diva Cup since I've heard the most about it?  Thanks in advance for your help!  I'm really excited to become a cup user!

Edit: Oops, forgot to add that I have what I'd consider an "average" flow during my period.  When I was younger I had a really messed up cycle and a really heavy flow, but now that I'm on birth control I'm much more evened out.  Although pre-birth control I used to bleed through pads every half hour or hour, now I can go a few hours without changing a pad or a tampon, even on my heaviest days.
Tags: age, buying decisions, cervix position
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