cenamen (cenamen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Period Nightmare!!

Im at my boyfriend's Mom and I did'nt think I would need my menstrual cup. My period wouldnt start for another week. I, of course, got my period.I had to root around in his Mom's cupboard and I found regular tampons. Not as good as my cup but better than nothing. I was horrified to find out that they were cardboard applicators. The worst invention in period history! I couldnt even get it to work, the cardboard got soggy and wouldnt push in! Luckily, I found a random pad floating around in my car and used that. I also found some plastic applicator tampons when I dug a bit deeper in the cupboard. Those should hold me until tomorrow morning when we go home and Im reunited with my beautiful, large, orange Fleurcup. Im kind of sad having to go back to pads and tampons, though, and wanted to share. 
Wish me Luck!!

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