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More confused by the second and looking for advice :)

 Hi! I've been reading these forums for quite some time now, and seeing as the more I read the more confused I get, I though it was time to bite the bullet and post my q's.

I use a large Green Donna which I love, but it doesn't seem to cope with my over night flow on the first 3 days of my period. The more I try to work out which cup I should be looking to the more it is doing my head in!

Now I'm not sure where I stand on the  long / short / wide load side of things, but I'm guessing long. I can only reach my cervix when I've got my period, and my donna goes right up inside (stem and all - nothing is left hanging). I can only remove it by getting my finger right up to the rim and breaking the seal that way, and I can feel my cervix sitting in the cup. Even if I don't push it up too far, it seem to work it's way right up there by it's self.

So anywho, I think I need a larger cup for my heavier days / nights. Although I rarely leak overnight, it seems to fill to the brim because as soon as I break the seal it all spills over and by the time I get it out the cup is pretty much empty and the contents have managed to pool in my hand....something I prefer not to have to deal with before my morning coffee :)

Also as the donna only has 2 holes, could this be contributing to the issues I have breaking the seal? Pinching the bottom of the cup doesn't work, and although I have perfected using my thumb and ring finger to grab the stem while avoiding finger cramps to my poor index finger while it finds the rim, I wonder if a different brand might make removal easier?
My research so far points towards the Yuuki, but I though the more experienced users may have some other suggestions. 
I am also in Australia, so options may be slightly limited.
Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to share their views and opinions - all suggestions will be taken on board and very much appreciated.
:) :)

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