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New cup

So I got a new cup... You guys wanna hear about it?
And I might as well review my other one while I’m at it, who knows, the information may be relevant to somebody.
Oh, I was always I tampon user, I really dislike pads and haven’t used them in 20 years. (In case anybody was wondering.)

Last fall, after much lurking here and researching, I settled on a small Fleurcup. I know my cervix is very low, and was worried about any of the longer ones. I was also worried about the larges being uncomfortable and the smalls being too small (I’m 36, no kids) but I decided to go with the small.

So I got it, and didn’t bother with a dry run. I’m not exactly regular, but usually I can guess within a few days either. When I was in that range, I had some of those cramps I tend to get just ahead of time, so I went ahead and put my cup in. Getting it in right was a bit tricky, but I managed.

So the rest of that day, I’d check occasionally and no leaks. I had a lot of crampy pain, not quite the same as usual, but I’d read that it’s different with a cup. Well later on I took a shower and removed it. Guess what? No blood, it was the cup causing the pain. I decided to just leave it out and wait til I was actually bleeding.

The next day was the real test. Yes it was still hurting, but I’m usually taking painkillers during my period anyway so no big deal. And it worked. I only had leakage when I waited too long to empty it, I had assumed it would last as long as a tampon and that was incorrect. (I’d have to empty it twice in the time I’d normally go through a regular Kotex tampon.)

Occasionally I wouldn’t get it set right and it would leak, but removing it and trying again fixed the problem. The pain was caused by it pressing against the bottom of my cervix, which is mounted more on the front wall than the ceiling, if you get what I mean. I tried pulling it lower, but it went right back as soon as I moved. But not a huge deal, and after a couple days it didn’t really bother me for the rest of the week.

Then it stopped working for me. I’d reset it multiple tims and it would just leak, with hardly anything in the cup itself. And yes it was positioned correctly, I finger checked it every time. Well, removing and reinserting repeatedly is irritating, so I just used leftover tampons. The next month, same problem. The next month I didn’t even bother trying.

I was thinking maybe I should just give up on cups, but wanted to try at least one more first. So I started researching again. Then somebody (sorry, I can’t remember who) posted about their large MeLuna Glitter and how soft it was, with pics. I decided that was the one I wanted to try. I found this ad and ordered that cup. (Linked because it’s a good deal if anybody wants a Lunette or MeLuna)

Monday my period started, yesterday my cup came in the mail. Perfect timing! Unlike my Fleurcup which was almost velvety, this one has a mildly sticky feel to it. And it’s really soft and squishy. So yes, I’ve only been wearing it 24 hours, but it’s been wonderful so far. Because it’s larger I find it harder to insert, and because it’s squishier, it’s hard to break the seal, but it hasn’t leaked a drop!

And the cup-ring pain? Nonexistent. I can barely feel it at all, where the other I could feel almost all the time. So for me, it was the stiffness of the cup that was the issue. The length I was so worried about isn’t a problem, yes it barely fits but it’s not bothering me any and that’s all that really matters. Tomorrow I may even get a chance to try swimming in it.
I’m aware that things won’t always go perfectly, but I’m pretty optimistic so far.

EDIT: I got to try swimming in it, and no water at all got in my cup. Awesome.
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