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How to be discreet about the menstrual cup when living with roomates in the same college dorm room?


I'm going to be a college freshmen (undergrad) this coming September. I am new to menstrual cups. I own a lunette Selene (small), and I am waiting for my period to be due so i can try it out! :3 I'm very excited, but the problem is that my friend and I are going to room mates together in  the college dorm, and i don't want her to see my menstrual cups because I'm scared to gross her out. I know she wouldn't be one of the people to accept the idea of a reusable menstrual cup, so there's no point in persuading her to use one. And you know, menstrual cups is one of those things that you either love or hate. And since she's not going to be able to accept it, i know she's going to be grossed out the idea of me using it in the dorm. She's very nice, and i know she wouldn't say anything to make me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, but in return i feel that shouldn't do anything to make her feel that way too.

So my question is: when drying the menstrual cup (because the cup has to be completely dry after usage before storing in the breathable bag again, correct?), where can i put the menstrual cup so that my roommate does not see it? And what are some other tips and suggestions for me to keep the menstrual cup discreet from my roommate? Such as where to store, or how to bring it into the bathroom (hide in a jacket, stuff in a big pocket, etc). Any other tips on this topic would be greatly appreciated also. Thanks!

EDIT: @purplelover, i like your idea of the "toilet bag". That sounds good and smart. umm....dorm assignements are not announced until mid-augst, but it's either going to be suite style dorm where my friend and I share a bedroom and a bathroom with maybe 4-6 other people (it's exactly the same as an apartment), or a standard dorm (where my friend and I would share a bed room, and share a large public bathroom with maybe 20-30 other people living on the same floor). If i live in the suite style dorms, the toilet bag would really come in handy. Thanks for the idea, purplelover! But you know, changing and drying menstrual cups or any other form of menstrual proection is not something that should and could be "waited" until my dorm mate is out. i would either forget it, the menstrual cup would be moist(when it needs to dried)  and grow bacteria or something on it, or i would leak. My main concern would be a place to dry my menstrual cup after my cycle so that it is not in the view of my dorm mate or other people in the dorm. Someone once suggested to me that i place it behind a picture frame or something, and that sounds good, but i think my dorm mate would see it there. Can you guys think of any other places i can place my cup while it air dries?

Also, can i place the cup in a closed drawer would it is air drying. If it can, then it would solve everything :)
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