mom04 (mom04) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Helping a new cup user!

I am hoping to get here is what some young cup users have found helpful. I bought my 16 yo virgin daughter a cup, by the way, of the new deal on Fleurcup's website. She gets the small, I get the large. She has shown a interest in using a cup, since I bought my Divacup, a few cycles ago. I have encouraged her to use tampons, so she could get comfortable with putting some thing inside her (not that I think that is the best thing for us to use) I used OB tampons when I was a teen and think it was a good thing. I learned that touching my self wasn't gross, that using non-applicator tampons was nice, because I could stick them in my pocket when I went skating and I didn't have to get a locker to hide my things. Okay so now, here I am trying to help my daughter, looking back and forward, how can I help her most?  I try to remember what I felt like at sixteen, but its sooo long ago I am not sure. I'm sure she would like to make the cup work, she totally hates pads, and she has only used tampons a few times but she hates the waste. So Ideas, Help, Info?
Tags: age, virginity
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