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Cup + Spotting

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, I sure hope so! I have been reading here following a suggestion from one of the girls on the IUD LiveJournal.

I recently went off HBC and bought a cup a) b/c I love the idea of it and b) I am getting an IUD soon and am trying to prepare for heavier bleeding. I have been doing "dry-run" practices w/ the Divacup, but have yet to have my period with the cup. Since I have gone off HBC, I have noticed that I am spotting b/w periods, which never happened while I was on the pill. Sometimes I only get a few drops when I wipe, but some other days, I only notice the blood b/c it's in the DivaCup (or like stuck to the rim - the cup is not filling up).

Could it be the cup itself that is making me bleed?? I had thought that I might spot during ovulation (and I suspect that I might have had my first ovulation pains ever since I have gone off the pill), but of course every time that I see the bloody mucuous (gross, sorry), I am worried it is implantation bleeding, since we are only using condoms until I can get the IUD. I don't think the cup is making me bleed, but could that be it?? Has anyone else gone through this with their cup?? Could it blood that is in too small of a quantity to come out on its own and so I only notice it b/c of the cup?? Maybe that is a pro and con of the clear, colourless Diva Cup - you can see everything!!

Thanks for advice - it's a bit of an obscurre questions!!

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