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Helping a newbie

Hi everyone. I'm new here. I've been reading the community for a while before I purchased my Lady Cup L.  I have a few questions I want to ask coz I am still in my 'learning curve'. I'm sorry if some of it has been answered before, I did check the tags and might've missed it. I apologize for being graphic. If you're willing to read my questions and help a newbie cup user, do continue reading.

1) I'm a 25 year old non-virgin, not given birth. I choose Lady Cup L coz my periods are heavy (in school I am the notorious period leaker).I'm not sexually active as in haven't had sex for months that is. Few months back rough penetration caused my vagina wall to 'tear'. Long story short, I was too dry and someone was too pushy & rough. Went to see the doctor, she said stay off sex for 2 weeks to let my vagina heal. It healed, but I'm a bit afraid of inserting things in my vagina though I REALLY WANT to start using my Lady Cup. So I humbly ask, anyone here have had the same experience as me who is using a large cup with success? I need some form of reassurance that it will be okay.

2) Because of the above, I think I need to wear lube before I insert. I'm not having my period, so I guess I need to do a dry run, but I can get away without doing it right? I'm just scared it might hurt. Arghh I know I sound so paranoid but I can't help it. I tried to do it today but it was hard to get in. My vagina was patient with me though. I need to learn how to relax.

3) The other thing is, I could easily find my cervix during my period, but I couldn't seem to reach it when I'm not menstruating. It doesn't matter right? Coz i'll be using it during my period so I just need to find it when I'm bleeding?

4) I'm a little curious about the design of the cup too, what are the holes in the lady cup for?

5) And lastly, does any of you go visit your gynae first to decide where's your cervix or everyone just DIY? I might consider visiting my doctor, but to be honest i'm a little shy since even my mom thinks cups are strange and i shouldn't be stuffing things in them. Plus in my country most women wear disposable pads, never heard much about cloth pads & cups. Most of the ones who heard think its disgusting.

I really hope I can use the cup on my next period. If you guys have tips on how to relax during insertion or share their experiences with a large Lady Cup, I'd love to hear it. I see most of you own the small Lady Cup though.

Thank you so much guys.
Tags: disabilities & health problems, dry run, insertion - painful or problems, lady cup

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