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noob story

Hello, I religiously lurk this place and among my reason for posting is to introduce myself (Yo!).

The another reason is my story.

About a month ago I decided to buy a menstrual cup, having gathered enough money. It came about two weeks ago (a small lunette cynthia, in case anyone wants to know) and I'd been doing dry runs until two days ago (my period came yesterday). Dry runs were no go for me. I'm a virgin so getting past that hymen (and I got dry from trying too much) just wasn't happening. When my period came yesterday I was thinking "oh it's not gonna work. You couldn't even get it past the opening during dry runs." My reasoning in dry runs was that getting the cup in would be hard so I needed practice. It turned out that no, it wasn't very hard, lol. What was difficult was getting it out. I tried twice last night but I just couldn't get my fingers around the cup. I got up this morning afraid that it leaked but all was good (it wasn't quite 12 hours. I put it in at 10 ish last night.) So, I worked for like 30 minutes (bearing down really helps, it took me three tries to remember), reminding myself that people have inserted and removed worse things out of their vaginas, and after some really painful sensation I got it out. The cup was about 1/4 full (probably a bit more since some spilled in the toilet bowl) and after some consideration (the experience of taking it in and out was just not pleasant) I stuck it back in (oh and the pop! My leg was falling asleep so after inserted the cup I stretched that leg and there were two pops...I jerked like a chicken, smh). So yay! It worked!

Anyway, I have a few questions...

Is there anyway to avoid cutting the stem (at least for a while)? Currently it's poking one of my labia (I actually only feel it in certain positions) and while I'd normally be cut-happy I don't want to trim the stem until I'm sure I don't need it (it was my feeling that it was instrumental in taking it out but maybe it felt reassuring to know it was there...easy to find). Maybe I could tuck it in...?

Has anyone who's used cups for a while still experience pain (however slight/minor) when inserting/removing the cup? I imagine the process gets easier but my mind is making me doubt it gets less painful (I don't know why this is bothering me so much. It hurt for two seconds).
Tags: first time use, lunette, removal - painful or problems, stem length/trimming, success stories
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