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Hello, and thanks in advance for whatever advice y'all can give!

My period isn't due for another week or more, but the last couple times I've gone to the bathroom I've gotten the tell-tale pink stain on my toilet paper. I've never experienced any spotting so I don't think that's it. The problem is, I'm going on a float trip on Saturday, and the first 3 days of my period are VERY leaky. And saturday will be my heaviest day, if I'm getting my period now. We're going to be on the river for 6-8 hours with limited bathroom facilities.. I'm not opposed to going in the woods to empty it, but I'm afraid the boys (going with my boyfriend's frat, only a few other girls will be there) will be super annoyed if I make us stop every hour. I know my problem is that my cervix takes up a bunch of room in my cup (Diva size 1) and I know some people remedy this by turning their cup inside out, but I've never tried that, and i'm afraid it'll be too slippery to get out easily enough to empty it (because if I'm emptying it in the woods I'll most likely be standing/squatting and I've really only mastered insertion/removal on the toilet). I'm half tempted to go out and buy a box of super plus tampons but I'd still probably have to change them twice at least and there'd be nowhere to throw the trash or keep fresh ones dry... If I knew we wouldn't be getting in the water at all I'd use a cloth pad for backup, but I've never been on a float trip where I didn't get tipped into the water numerous times.

Has anyone ever dealt with a situation like this?? What did you do or what would you do?

And to top all that off, I feel like I'm getting a cold...ugh.  

Tags: camping & backpacking, divacup, heavy blood flow, inside-out, leakage & spotting, tampons, travel
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