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@!%#$@%!^... and a cleaning advice!

Well, I've been a happy cup user for over 2 years now with no accidents.
But this cycle something happened to me... and I just need someone to tell about it.

On the second day (my heaviest day) I was not home most of the time, which is not a problem. Found a public bathroom with a sink (yay!) and had my purse with me. I was just pulling out my cup with one hand, the other hand holding up my long skirt as my cell phone rang.
I always get that mucousy string on my heavy days, so with the hand that was holding the cup firmly (!) I tried to detach it as usual... but the ringing cell phone distracted me (I had no intention answering it)... and as I looked away for a second I literally poured out 15ml of blood on the floor, my shoe and skirt! What a mess! It came of my shoe and skirt really well and no one noticed.. but it sure wasn't fun.
In the evening of the same day (!) I was home and got ready to leave for a week. A few minutes before I had to get out of the house to catch the bus, I went to empty my cup once again. In a standing position in front of the sink, I had the full cup firmly (!) in my hand, moving it around to get the mucous string. Looked away for a second and again... poured the whole content on my bright colored pants!! arrghhh!!!!
I have no idea what happened to me that day, I'm usually not that clumsy.

I own a small MCUK and a large Lunette, most of the time I use the MCUK, which has become quite discolored (brownish mainly on the in- and outside of the rim). I don't like to use soaps and other stuff on the cups, I simply rinse them with cold water during my period and boil them when it's over. So today I had the idea of scrubbing it with a wet terry cloth towel... and all the brown stuff just peeled of!! My cup looks almost like new!
Hope I helped someone!
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - stains, mooncup (uk)
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