Wider Sky of Blue (widerskyofblue) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Wider Sky of Blue

Help think my cup is stuck!

 Hi. I just put my (femme)cup in the first time about 45 minutes ago and had a real panic trying to get it out. 

I read some posts on here, and tried again, it came out great.
I have popped it back in, but I just wanted to know if this was normal. It seems to sit really high, from the instructions its sounds like it should sit just inside me, but this doesn't seem right, it doesn't create a seal unless it is quite high up. Is that normal? 

Otherwise it is perfectly comfortable and feels much better so far than other methods so I would like to keep trying. My worry is that is it going to carry on climbing up during the day. Can that happen?! 

Thanks so much. 
Tags: cervix position, removal - painful or problems
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