divamarisoul (divamarisoul) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thought I found the cup but....

after almost a year of using menstrual cups, I feel like I really haven't. I started with a large Diva Cup, which works ok but it can be a little too stiff. Then I got a large LadyCup because it was more squishy then the DC and found that it would ride farther up inside and to take out was too much work. So it was back to the DC cup for me. My periods have become more heavier with age, I swear, lately I can get away with using it not even 2 hrs before I have to empty or sometimes it gets to the point where it leaks because I pass huge clots....sorry, I know its too much info.

So in search for another cup, I ended up ordering a Lunette Selene thinking it was a tad bit bigger but I just found out its the same size but softer so maybe I will just use intil I find a larger one for my heaviest days.

What would be the biggest cup up from the Large Lunette/DC? I am presently searching for a Yuuki but oh my, they are not easy to find and do not like shopping on ebay. Are there any other ones besides the Yuuki?
Tags: brand comparisons, heavy blood flow
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