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Baby Wipes vs Alcohol Wipes

 So glad I found this community - between the advice here and a couple of YouTube videos, I was able to successfully and comfortably insert my lovely little Diva Cup on Day 3 or 4 of my first cycle with it.  So....thanks for all the tips! :)

New dilemma, though. I am going to be out of town on business for about a week, and you can only guess which week that will be for me. Oh boy. I have yet to try changing my cup in a public place, and knowing how heavy I am the first two days, it's guaranteed to happen. I've been reading a lot of tips here about cleaning in bathroom stalls, and since I don't have enough time between now and the trip to order Lunette disinfectant wipes, I'm stuck trying to decide between baby wipes and alcohol wipes. Here are my concerns:

* Do the baby wipes leave residue? If so, is the residue irritating? Are there certain brands that cup users prefer more over others?

* Can alcohol wipes lead to, um, irritation in my hoo-ha if I reinsert thinking the alcohol has evaporated completely when it really hasn't? Is rinsing with water after using an alcohol wipe recommended? Is there a certain brand of alcohol wipes you all prefer?

Thanks again for any helpful hints!
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