kitsunenomizu (kitsunenomizu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Why do some of us own so many cups?

My first cup was a small diva and it took me forever to be able to use. I keep that one for sentimental reasons since it was the first cup I discovered and the first I used.

Wondering if any of you also keep any of your cups for sentimental reasons and/ or why you have so many cups.

My other four that I collected: Large Yuuki because of the awesome name and I wanted a Lunette but couldn't afford it at the time. Large Lunette Diana because my favorite color is green and my birthday was coming up. Large Green Fleurcup I think just because It is green and I am just weird like that. Yellow Cuplee cup because it's YELLOW and Russian!!!

I am also quite paranoid about the possibility of anything happening to my many cups which may be why I have too many. I can't even fathom attempting to have to go back to tampons.

Does anyone else care to share?
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