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Leaking Femmecup - Dangling Cervix?

First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate having a community like this. I don’t personally know anyone that uses menstrual cups, so it’s great that there are people here that I can turn to with questions. This is my first post, but I spent a lot of time looking at the size charts and the buying decisions/brand comparisons threads when I was choosing what menstrual cup to buy. After careful consideration, I bought Femmecup because it’s a medium-length cup with a reasonable capacity. It took me awhile to figure out how to insert it, but I was able to use it for the second half of my last period. It worked wonderfully! I only had to change it twice a day and I didn’t have any spotting or leaking.

Part of the reason why I chose to buy a menstrual cup is so that I could learn more about my body. I want to get a feel for how long my cycles are, how long my periods last, and how much blood I lose on average. In order to do that, I began to mark the length of my cycles and the length of my periods starting in January. Everything was normal - my last 4 cycles have been between 32-34 days long and my periods last about 7 days. The fifth cycle was different though – it lasted 40 days with a little bit of off and on spotting during the last week. I woke up this morning to find that my period had started and when I used the restroom, my cup started leaking (gushing might be a more appropriate word, except that it wasn’t an inordinate amount of blood). I removed the cup and found that it was about 3-4 ml full. I assumed that it didn’t form a seal properly, so I re-inserted it (this time checking to make sure that it was fully open by running my finger around the rim) and went on with my day. Here’s the thing though – whenever I used the restroom I noticed blood on the toilet paper. It wasn’t “residual slobber” either – it was leakage. It’s also worth noting that the leakage only occurred when I was using the restroom. When I went to change my cup this evening, it was 5 ml full. About 2 hours later, I could feel it leaking so I went to check on it. Sure enough, it had started to leak, but this time my underwear was slightly stained. I took the cup out and it was about 3-4 ml full. This time, I am 100% sure that it had sealed properly. I decided to check my cervix and all I can say is that it feels much different than it did during my last two periods, when I checked it twice a day to figure out if it changes position during the week. Right now, it feels long and dangly and everything inside just feels, well…swollen. Not painful, just somehow bigger than I remember it. I read a couple of posts, and based on what other people have described, I suspect that my cervix is hanging down inside of my cup, which prevents it from being able to fill up past a few ml.

So, the questions that I have for all you lovely cup-users are: 1) Does it sound as if my cervix position is causing the leaking? 2) Should I be concerned that my cervix and insides in general feel different than they did before, especially considering that my period was late? 3) What can I do to fix it? I really want to be able to use cups, but I had to switch back to a tampon tonight because I just can’t change it every 2 hours.
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