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HOW is this physically possible?! LOL

OK, so one of the (many) things I LOVE about my cup is that I can feel "normal", maybe even sexy, while on my period. That being said, I was enjoying this fact last night as me and the hubbs were messing around a bit. We tried to see if we could play a little 'just the tip' without him getting jabbed with a stem... well he didn't feel anything, so he went in a little further... eventually he was all the way in and we ended up having full on PIV sex!! He said he never felt anything different at all! After the 10th time I asked him (LOL) he said MAYBE I might have felt SLIGHTLY tighter, but nothing really noticeable. I didn't feel anything really different either, except maybe that things seemed slightly more sensitive (in a really good way! LOL). He didn't get bloody at all and shortly after her pulled out, everything he put it came right back out as well! I went and cleaned up and lo and behold, cup was right where it was before hand, seal not broken, half full of blood and some clear fluid that I'm sure was just my natural lubrication. Not let me say, I was between day 1 and day 2 of my period, so relatively heavy flow and low (for me) cervix. The stem ALMOST pokes out, and my husband isn't lacking in size at all...

How the HECK did we manange to pull that off?! LOL Is there any risk with doing this? I know you can have sex with insteads in place, I didn't think it was possible with these types of cups, but I guess it is!! LOL I am seriously tempted to do it again! LOL

I am not fond of my period AT ALL normally. The cup has definitely made me look at it in a whole new light and accept it and embrace it, but I was still annoyed that I couldn't have good, mess free, sex while AF was in town, so if I CAN, that's pretty freakin awesome!! LOL But is it really OK?
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