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 I'm 14 years old and I'm very interested in menstrual cups. I've been using pads ever since I've started my period and they're absolutely terrible. I also can't use tampons (my mother doesn't allow me to use them in fear I'll get TSS or the I'll lose the string and have to get it removed) but pads have just made my life so hard. Just last night, I didn't notice I was tossing and turning and I stained my bed sheets with blood - my inner thighs and legs plus whole crotch and anal area was covered in blood, I had to take a shower right away and just the thought of this happening every night is so bad. I naturally move a lot while sleeping and can't help it. I have a very heavy flow and I have to change my pad at least once every two hours, if not shorter. (By the way: if I have a heavy flow, will the small size be too small for me? I don't think I can fit a bigger size up there, anyway...) I found out about menstrual cups last night when searching if I should use tampons or not and this sounds like my answer. I live in Canada and I'm not exactly sure where to buy them, but that's not my biggest problem right now. 
What I want to know is, which cup should I use? I've researched this a bit and it sounds like the Lunette (?) is best for me. I have never put anything up in my vagina before, so the thought does actually frighten me, especially if I think I'm going to push it up too far or break my hymen. If my hymen breaks, does it hurt? So many questions. I'm scared, but I'm willing to do whatever I can to escape from pads and these cups sound wonderful. Thanks!
Tags: age, cleaning - stains, lunette, pads - disposable, virginity
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