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Successful first run, and I made a video!

Hello, friends!
Well, I got through my first full period using my Diva size 1 and I'm so happy I made the switch! I think that perhaps if I had spent a bit more time researching, I may have gone with a softer/shorter cup, but all in all, the Diva Cup did well for me. I have settled on using the punch down fold, and have no issues with suction, although I did occasionally have to readjust the cup position because my cervix was outside the cup. I think it may be a little too long for me, but not uncomfortable or unusable. I had no leakage issues (I wore panty liners anyway, with very little if any residue on it). I did have one "morning flood" issue which I'm sure was simply because I stood up too fast. Luckily, I walked right from my bed to the bathroom as I do every morning, so nothing even made it outside to my underwear. I was also pleased that I did not have to try to use the cup and the ring at the same time as I had originally feared. (My vag is not a clown-car or catch-all, lol!)

I had a little trouble getting it our a few times. I felt as if it was too high to reach and I had to put my hand in an uncomfortable position to grip it. It kept slipping out of my grip (off to the side of my pinching fingers) because my vagina seems to be angled to the left and the cup end would sit behind my pelvic bone at a difficult angle. However, I eventually learned out to bear down just right so by the 3rd day, removal was a cinch!

The only difficulty that actually bothered me was that I had some trouble getting my bladder empty. I would have to alternately relax and squeeze to get out the remaining urine in "spurts" which was annoying and I'm wondering if this leaves a chance of UTI? I doubt it, since I change the cup at least every 10 hours and urinate while the cup is out, so eventually I'm getting my bladder totally empty.

Over all, I feel I made the right choice in switching to the Diva Cup because it is so much more comfortable, economical, and clean than disposables.

AND---- I made a video! It's a pro/con video explaining what I like and dislike about my experience with the Diva Cup and why I endorse cup use. I also mentioned this site so people can get more info. Here's the video!
Tags: activism, buying decisions, divacup, first time use, nuvaring, removal, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming, success stories, urination, uti (urinary tract infection)

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