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 hey all! brand new cup user here, and so far thinking it will definitely be replacing my stash of disposable stuff. i got a diva cup, and had a few issues with it at first. i had to trim the stem completely off. then i think the grip rings were bugging me. it seems to sit really low on me. i read (probably on here, i've been stalking since i bought the cup earlier this month) that you can turn it inside out, and so far it's MUCH better. i wore it overnight, and have been wearing it all day, and no leaks and no irritation! only thing is that, i think because it sits so low, i can still occasionally feel it. i try pushing it up as far as i can, and almost immediately it kinda slides back down. i've read that most people can't feel it at all when it's in right, is it just something you have to get used to? it seems like it's in right, i feel it pop open and it hasn't leaked at all, but it's just *there*. either way, i'm a fan, no way i'm going back to uncomfortable tampons and pads!! 
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup, first time use, inside-out
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