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Possible leaking preceded by painful "punching" sensation.

 Hey folks, I'm hoping you can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong--or if I'm doing anything wrong at all!

This is my 5th month using my Lunette cup, and while things went just about perfectly the first few months, I seem to be getting worse at this.  Now, the strange part is, I can't be 100% sure I'm getting leakage rather than residual slobber EVERY time I conclude I have failed and thus go begin the reinsertion dance (err on the safe side, right?), but it's definitely happened at least two times.  I've been using the punchdown fold, since that was the only way I could get the cup in at first.  I can't reach my fingers all the way to the top of the cup to check that it's rounded (in fact, I can't really get past the (I guess) pubic bone on the front side to rummage around at all from that direction, sigh).  But I do give it a tug on the stem, and things seem to be pretty snug.  Nevertheless, sometimes after inserting--it could be minutes later or even hours--I feel a nasty punching sensation, and lo and behold if I go to the loo there's a visible amount of blood.  But it seems to work up until that point, which doesn't make sense, because if it's JUST opening up all the way shouldn't it have leaked earlier?  Now, it's not typically A LOT of blood (enough to make an appearance on ye old bog roll, but not even enough to stain one's skivvies... YET; OTOH, I'd been having really light periods in the months before I got the cup, so, embarrassingly, I'm not even completely sure how heavy things are now), but definitely more than I get when I KNOW I've done it correctly (and the only reason I ever really know I've done it correctly is that there are no mishaps until reinsertion time, heh).  Is it possible the "punch" is actually a LOSS of suction, which would explain why it seemed to be working okay and then BLAM?  Halp, please!  I feel like I've been lucky so far in catching any potential leaks, but there's always a first time for Total Disaster.  And I'm really sick of hopping in the shower repeatedly to change it (I still can't guarantee mess-free removal, alas, and find the hot water helps).

Please advise!  Thanks.

ETA: I don't think my cervix is displacing any volume, since I have successfully gone 12 hours without changing on my heaviest days.  Uh, and in any case, I can't really find it up there (down there?).  Should probably look for it when there's less blood to get in the way.
Tags: leakage & spotting, popping open, seal & suction
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