vltavska (vltavska) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So glad!

Okay, I have been resisting posting this, but I can restrain myself no longer... I've had my menstrual cup for two periods now, but since the last one (finished today!) went for three and a half weeks- not kidding... wah!- I consider myself a PRO. A PRO I tell you. Haha. (I have been to my doctor and had my implanon removed, FYI, so that should be the end of the periods of eternity.)

I don't know how I would still be standing if I'd been using tampons for the last three weeks. Not that I had major problems with them, but the joy of not having something dry and scratchy has been huge. When I first saw the cup in real life I was a little thrown by how big it was (diva, size 2) but folded up it's been no drama to insert, and while it's a little long with the stem I've been too lazy to cut and file the stem, so it clearly didn't bother me enough to go to the effort.

So thank you, LJ community- I've been stalking this comm like mad, and while I do hope my next period is a ways away, I don't dread it the way I might otherwise. (Also got some cloth liners in the post today, so I'll use one tomorrow, just in case! Such a relief to find reusable products!) In that vein, I told my mum about my cup- she didn't say "Oh, I wish I had one", but she did laugh and think it was hilarious, so that was not a bad response!!!
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