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I love these things already!

Hi everyone!

A while ago I saw a post on my friends page by gabrielleabelle  (I hope she doesn't mind me crediting her for this!) about this strange thing called a menstrual cup... so I read some comments and did some research and ended up here. What an awesome community! I read and read. I loved the idea. I never really liked tampons much because I always got so paranoid about them, either removing them half dry (oww) or waiting just a moment to long and having bloody underwear for the rest of the day. Pads felt safer, but also like I was constantly leaking and wearing a big ugly nappy. I was a bit worried about these at first, seeing as the pictures seemed so big! and I'm 19 and a virgin with a hymen and could only use small tampons before. But then a few weeks ago I decided "ah, screw it, I'm getting one" and ordered a small soft meluna in a gorgeous blue colour! I chose that one because it was soft and small, which I thought would definitely help.

So anyway, I got to pick it up from the post office yesterday, and promptly got my period that morning! Sadly, I was at uni all day (attempting) to write an essay (that I should still be writing now). So I couldn't go an boil it as they reccommended. So I worked all day, got home late at night, went to bed, and woke up excited to try it out! Every toilet break yesterday I took my meluna with me to play with it, it was so cute and small and blue! I loved it. I think the smallness of it undid any worries I had about not getting it in, which was awesome.

So this morning I got up and had a shower and then tried it out! And it was EASY. Seriously easy! I used a punch-down fold to get it in, and at first I wasn't sure if it'd opened properly. I couldn't really feel all the way around it. So I decided to leave it in for a while to see if it was working. I used a pad for back up. Sure enough, two hours later, just a tiny spot of blood! I was so curious, so I went to take the cup out. That was a little but more problematic, because my hymen didn't really like my thumb and my finger trying to get around the base to release the suction. But I got there, and wriggled it a while and got it out with minimum pain. And sure enough, there was blood in it! And I didn't get it everywhere! Yay! At this point I would have done a little happy-cup-dance, if I didn't have pants around my ankles and a bloody cup in my hands. 

After that I inserted it again, using the triangle fold which someone had reccommended here for softer cups. Thank you to the person who wrote the soft cups FAQ! At worked like a dream, and now I am wearing it again. I can feel it a little bit, it's a bit odd at times and in certain positions, like when I first used tampons I guess. But that will settle. It's waaay better than tampons and pads! And hopefully when I leave it in at night tonight I won't wake up with stains on my sheets!

I am super excited right now. It's like when I got my first period and walked around all day with this stupid grin on my facec. I will probably do that today. Just thought I'd share my story! I really didn't think it would be this easy and awesome the first time. Now I can do the dance. *does happy-cup-dance*

Ciao ciao!

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