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Hopefully final question--small or large

I posted below trying to get help deciding which cup to buy.  I am 37, no kids, fairly long canal, but I believe evidence points to a distinct lack of width.  Due to having decently heavy flow and being 37, the manufacturers sorta have me convinced that I have to buy a large; but size-wise it seems like maybe I should go for small. 

I am concerned about comfort level and someone responded that due to the same issue she purchased a small instead of the large.  Any advice or suggestions?

ETA:  It was suggested that I add that one of my reasons for being concerned is that I get sore after several hours of using Instead and that there is internal swelling.  It is true that the rim of the Instead is quite stiff but due to the way it sits in the body, I have never blamed the rim for the problem though it could be the issue as it is pretty wide when open.  I can't feel it when it is in, but my body doesn't really like the stretchiness for lack of a better word.  

Talked to my sister last night and we have all the same issues with regard to considering a cup and she too has been led to be believe by her doctor that she is just narrower than normal though she is also over 30.  She definitely decided against getting a large, but I still think I might try it since my Instead finds a way to leak on heavy days.

I just am concerned about comfort since I seem to be more sensitive than many, & definitely have issues with width during insertion & I suspect internally too.
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues
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