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Advice please on choosing a cup--choices narrowed I think

've been considering a menstrual cup for a while. There is something about the reusableness factor that kinda squicks me out, but I am all about doing my part for the environment though honestly if it can end the leaks I experience pretty much monthly that is as big of a deal for me.

I've been doing some research, have checked out the homepages of all the major brands, been reading around this community for hours, and watched several youtube videos/checked out sizing charts to try to see which one would be right for me.  The number of choices are fairly overwhelming to a newbie like me!!

Some specifics:  I am 37, no kids, and have a fairly heavy flow (especially on my middle 2 days), so based on those stats it sounds as if I need to go with the large size of whichever cup I choose.   I did some searching yesterday on my final (spotting only) day of my period and I could just barely touch my cervix with my index finger inserted as far as I could get it while sitting on the toilet........ruler measurement between 8.5-9cm so my assumption is that my cervix is a little on the high side.  I didn't know that I should check several times throughout my cycle for how my cervix behaves (for some reason I got REALLY serious about a cup yesterday--possibly because this last period was pretty rough), so I guess that is my first question.  Do I need to wait until my next period to do more investigation on what my cervix does?  Or can I choose a cup for myself now, order it, and have it here in time to try out with my next cycle?

As a teenager I found out that I carry strep, so I was told it would be a better option not to use tampons since i am higher risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome, so I have pretty much been an Always girl (require the wings to help with leaking) since my teen years.  About 15 years ago I heard about Instead, and while it required me to get a little more familiar with my nether regions that I was comfortable with at first, they have been a good option for me on the heavy flow days.  I usually stick with liners for spotting days, pads for light flow, and Instead in combo with a pad for heavy flow--and I still get panty leakage and sometimes pajama leakage so I definitely would like a better solution.

I've been married 10 years and still my doctor has to use the smallest size speculum for my exam...more than once he's had to leave the room to get an even smaller one than the selection that is there in the room.  My assumption based on this is that I have a cervix that is fairly high in a long canal, but I don't think I have much  width.  The width of some of the cups cause me concern.   I was also intimidated by inserting the Instead, but since it folds into a long, narrow device it seems to slide in fairly easily.   Stupidly, I have focused on getting the near side correctly behind my pelvic bone more so that being sure the high side is cupping my cervix correctly--never even thought about it!!--but that could have something to do with my leakage issues.  Generally though I think it is just filling up....possibly my cervix is taking up room in the cup...cause it is never full to overflowing but after several hours on a high flow day it starts to leak.   

I leave it in between 8-12 hours & we do sometimes have sex with it in (hubby doesn't feel it), but always the longer I leave it in......esp if it's till 12 inner tissues seem to swell up some.  I try not to immediately insert another.   I try to give my body as many hours resting from it as I had it in.  I think I am fairly sensitive vaginally.   I have a high pain tolerance, but I find I get really irritated by vaginal soreness so that is definitely my biggest concern in choosing a cup.

So I only considered the large cups or the one sized cups that are size/capacity wise like a large cup.  I think i want a softer cup because of the soreness factor and also because of my width concerns, but I am concerned that it stay put. I've never had issues with the Instead staying put but the way you brace it behind your pubic bone in my body there realy isn't any where for it to go once it is seated.  It sounds like the cups can migrate a big depending on their seal.  

I hate the idea of the hollow stemmed cups because I don't like the idea of being poked by the stem as well as I don't want to clean out the hollow stem, so I disregarded most of them.  

The brands I am thinking might work for me--PLEASE ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE APPRECIATED:

1. Meluna--I feel I could work with the ball end, ring end, or even the tab stem if needed.  It sounds like a softer cup but one that will probably still stay put.  Nervous about the "serious grips" on the bottom of it as they sounds like irritation possibilities.

2. Lunette--Has similar capacity to a Fleur but the shape seems like it would maybe be better.  It is really hard to judge shapes when you've never used one, but it is one of my big concerns.

3.  Shecup--Like that it has a ball end, looks on the more narrow side, and is smaller rim wise which I like the idea of comfort-wise.  Naturally I am hoping there wouldn't be leaking because of those same features

I love the look of the Fleur but between the flared top and the belled looking body, it doesn't look comfortable to me.  

On the videos I saw there were no Yuukis (thanks to the person who posted with the correct name), so I am not sure where they would fit in. I know it is high capacity but not sure about rim firmness or comfortable looking shape.

Please help!!  Also price will definitely be a factor for me.
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