queen_rabbit (queen_rabbit) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A very hopeful newbie!

Hello everyone! I’m 19 with no kids and a virgin (if any of that matters :) ) and very glad I found out about menstrual cups! I found out about them two months ago.  I bought a small lady cup, after doing a bunch of research, and it arrived a couple weeks before my period. So today my period started and it’s been about an hour since I put my lady cup in. I’ve used tampons before but it’s still a bit painful for me to put the cup in but once it was in I could barely feel it, sort of like when you first use a tampon and you’re not use to the feeling.

 I do have a question though. I know lady cups are soft and harder to pop open when inside. I use the punch down fold, because it's easier for me to hold. Anyway, I couldn’t get my finger really up the side of the cup to see if it was open, so I just sort of went with what it felt like at the bottom. Well a few minutes later I was walking up the stairs and my cup suddenly popped open inside me! Holy cow, it hurt really bad, like someone pinched or flicked me hard! I was just wondering if anyone else has had that type of experience before. Any advice? I really don’t want it to happen again; it would defiantly put me off of wanting to use my cup! Haha!

Edit: Hey thanks for all the help everyone! I'm amazed at how many people love to help and reply to questions people have. I'll be lurking around alot and might ask more questions in the future! :)

Tags: first time use, lady cup, popping open

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