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Taking it for a test run... I'm a little worried.

Hello again :)
Well, I had a gyno appointment Friday and surprise, surprise, the doc had never heard of them! (I love my doctor though- he's super cool and nice). He said he'd look into them for his own info purposes, so yay! I asked him if he thought my cervix was low, and he said it's completely normal. But I was concerned because I can feel my cervix after just about an inch and a half - 2 inches of my index finger.

So here I am today, with my period about to start probably Wednesday afternoon. I boiled my DivaCup and proceeded to test it out. Used the punch-down fold, and it popped open pretty quickly. Got it in there, around my cervix, which is partially inside the cup, and.... The stem was sticking out! I kegeled, danced, wiggled, and then sat around for about 45 minutes, and it was still sticking out. it's not scraping or anything, but I'm pretty sure I read that the stem isn't supposed to stick out. I took it out and put it back in (missed my cervix, lol! Had to pull it down and push it back up again). So now the stem isn't sticking out AS far, but still a little bit. Looks like I'll be cutting the stem  :/

Pulling it out was quite clunky. I'm pretty sure my first few tries with this thing on my actual period are going to be messy O_o.

Now that I read more and more in this community, the more I think I should have gotten a slightly shorter cup. Oh well, the real test comes Wednesday. Good thing I am unemployed at the moment and can stay at home for the learning curve!
Tags: cervix position, divacup, doctors, dry run, first time use, inside-out, removal, stem length/trimming

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