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New to cups...loving it, but still wondering!

I want to start with a bit of background, because menstrual cups have now gave me something to think of in retrospect. I grew up in high school dreading my periods, I'd walk down the street, not even get to the bus, (less then 3 blocks) because I could feel my tampon leaking and knew it would be on my pad before the school bell rang so I'd turn back around and then stay home, why because I knew my bed was soaked from the night before and it just wasn't going to be a good day.
   Okay, fast forward a couple of kids still heavy periods my mattress is badly ruined by me, a couple of more kids and things seem to be manageable but not even close to what is "normal" for my friends. So now I was here 4 kids still going through tampons and pads every night, leaking through to the mattress.  I had heard of menstrual cups through a breastfeeding site after I had my last child. I got tubes tied, was hoping for something to change and it didn't, was honestly thinking of a endometrial ablation, when I remembered  what I read on the site when I was breastfeeding.
   I bought a box of Insteads first thinking it would be a good idea of what a cup would bring, not.. they were horrible for me. I leaked as soon as I had them in, so I went out and bought a Diva Cup size 2 off an internet site, was determined to go reusable , so my first cycle with the diva I had no leaks, even on my heavy days over night to boot.. was a bit long for me.. cut stem on dry run , felt better.
   Second cycle figured out I have a VERY low cervix, hello finger meet cervix not even a few cm in., I feel around and find I what I find to be a "little penis"..that likes to hang down during my cycle. and so first cycle and second I was bothered by the length of the Diva cup. So I have what I call a heavy flow and a very low cervix (I totally know my cervix hangs in my cup I can fill a diva to 7.5 ml max on heavy days then it will leak. )
   I ended up buying a Fleurcup because I felt that it would fit me best, beside a lunette.(it was honestly a toss up, I liked the shape of the fleurcup so thought it would fit better.) I am now doing a dry run of the fleurcup and still think I might feel it during my period, because what is low becomes lower during my heavy days.(been watching it during whole cycle this month)
       So now my question is I was thinking of buying a medium meluna, cause it would hold the most for the shortest length, not sure if I would want to even try a small cup since I have 4 kids, If you all have any ideas or feedback I will listen with open ears,  I am sooo willing to make this work cause I don't want to go to extremes to handle a monthly thing, I am willing to change my cup more often and wouldn't mind having a cup to handle my lower flow days, I just can't be buying a lot of cups at this point.. I'm turning 40 soon and want to make the most of the time I have to not hurt the planet.  Thanks!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, fleurcup, lunette, meluna, success stories

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