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My journey with cups (and a cloth pads question)

***There is a question about cloth pads at the end! I'm open to suggestions!***

The short story:

First time poster....out of boredom :)

I love my cups! It has only been 3 cycles but I LOOOVE them and wanted to share it :) I have 3 so far (they are addicting) and will list my likes/dislikes quickly:

1. Large Lunette Diana – love the capacity and look, dislike that it gives me these weird almost cramps and the hesitancy with urination. One leaking incident – think it wasn’t fully popped
2. Small LadyCup (OrangeCup) – love the softness and color, comfortable as can be, dislike the grip bumps which do little (if anything), can be hard to get since it migrates up but only one scare with that. One leaking incident – was at work and emptying every 4 hours or so, I let it overflow L
3. Small Yuuki – it is a great combination of the above two. Good capacity, no weird almost cramps, some hesitancy but not as bad as with the Lunette. One leaking incident – I believe it was the horrible morning gush

I have also won a DivaCup (small) in their Earth Day giveaways but have yet to receive it (oh poo).

While I do love my cups that I have acquired I must remind people to please go with your guts when purchasing one of these. If I had gone with my gut I would have gotten a small Lunette Diana right off the bat which I think would be my Goldilocks cup. It is about the same size as the small Lady, has the capacity of the Yuuki, and has the look of my large Lunette. I still think I will get one soon and possibly sell (or give away to friends) some of my others. I LOOOOVE the Cynthia and keep almost buying one then saying “It’s FORTY DOLLARS and I already have plenty of cups.” I keep wanting to try like every brand available but this is an expensive habit to have lol. They’re just so cool to me :)

Also don't think your experience will be like mine. I feel like my adventures have been pretty smooth and I may be a lucky one who most cups will work for. Yay for my vagina!

I was a bit bored so I actually typed out my whole story. It is a little lengthy but feel free if you're bored.

Long story:

I’m still not sure how I found out about cups. I think it was one of those clicks on stuff “other people viewed” on Amazon. After reading about it on there I was intrigued and went straight to Google (oh thank you internet!). I found a few shops and (thankfully) this community! I am not opposed to being a little different or getting a little dirty so I knew at once I wanted to try this whole ‘menstrual cup’ thing. Reading success story after success story (and troubleshooting story after troubleshooting story) I couldn’t help but wonder why I hadn’t heard of this thing before. I was one of those people who didn’t ‘find my cervix’ or even pay too much attention to how many tampons I was filling up but after looking around on Amazon (I am a fanatic of the site) I decided on a Lunette Diana because I <3 green and am a little spontaneous at new adventures like this cup thing J I was very excited to order but am also a bargain hunter so I tried to find another site to see if it was cheaper. I found GladRags based here in the U.S. and figured they would be a little cheaper (free shipping! Yay!). I was getting ready to order my small Lunette Diana. But at the last minute I had a thought…”Boy that extra capacity would be nice to have at work…” (I am a nurse and work 12-14 hours straight). So at the last second I changed from a small to a large. I paid and so began the waiting game.

Lunette Diana – large

I received my package quickly and was SOOOOO excited!! I opened it as soon as I got into the house and couldn’t help but start squishing and messing with it :) It was so pretty! A little larger than I was hoping but still doable since (as many point out here) the vagina is elastic. After my initial squishy play I wanted to try it out. I boiled it, let it cool, and headed for the bathroom. I think I am one of those lucky souls who have only a small learning curve. My first dry run was a success (after deciding on the punch down fold anyway) and I was walking proud down my hallway out of the bathroom. That is until I felt the stem. I walked and I felt it. I sat and I felt it. I shifted positions and I felt it. I knew it had to go. It didn’t take long to realize this and remedy the problem by trimming. I then went on another dry run and continued to feel it. After this second time I decided just to do away with the stem altogether. Since then there has been no more poking :) So I continued with the occasional dry run but was actually EXCITED to see my period come! Now for the real test. Overall I, again, had only a minimal learning curve (I had prepared myself by reading here and watching all of those amazing Youtube videos!). I had no leaking my first cycle aside from the residual slobber after changing which pantyliners worked just fine for. My only complaint is that I would get these weird cramp-but-not-quite-uterus-cramp feelings in my internal nether region. It wasn’t really hurting but it was uncomfortable. I also had some hesitancy with my urination and it took me FOREVER to finally EMPTY my bladder. I had never gotten this with tampons so I figured it was either me getting used to the cup or perhaps the large Lunette was a bit too big or stiff (or a combination of the two) for me. After a few days I knew I wanted to try something else. Something a bit softer or smaller to see if that would remedy the problem (thank you size charts!). I loved my Lunette otherwise but decided to venture out brand wise just for the sake of doing so. I still love colors so my eyes turned to the small orange LadyCup. I loved the color and the bags are adorable. I placed my order and waited yet again…

SIDE NOTE: I have had one incident of leaking with my large Lunette Diana. I am pretty sure it was when I was in a hurry and didn’t check to see that it was fully popped opened. Now that I check more carefully I haven’t had another incident with it :)

LadyCup (OrangeCup) – small

I had to go pick up my LadyCup at the post office (I hate doing that). As soon as I got to the car I tore open the package and started playing with my cute new cup! It was a deal smaller than my large Lunette Diana and also a bit softer (though the rim was possibly about the same-ish). As soon as I got home I boiled it, let it cool, and went on a dry run. The first thing I noticed was the stem (again) so I decided I would just chop it off completely again. It took a little bit of work to get it out at first since the LadyCup is so smooth and only has the ‘grip bumps’ which do little to help with gripping it which worried me a bit. I finally dug my nail into the cup a little to get it out. My nail did no damage so I was excited again. I cut off the entire stem, reinserted, and was amazed. After wearing it for a bit I realized that my LadyCup was extremely comfy and did not cause the hesitancy when I needed to pee. I was on cloud 9! I couldn’t help but do a few more dry runs before the test truly came. I will say I did have one scare with my LadyCup when trying to remove it. I tried and tried and tried and tried and could NOT get it out. As previously mentioned I had cut the stem off and (apparently) my cups work their way up at times. This = no go for removal. I finally decided to just try when I got in the shower. I squatted, pushed and pushed and pushed and FINALLY got my nail in the side of that cup. Boy was I happy! I was a little traumatized but didn’t want that to turn me away from cups so I kept going with it. When I new I was getting close to my period I put my LadyCup in place (cause yeah…I could totally do that now!). I knew the time was here when I felt the cramping (I’m not one of THOSE lucky no cramp people). I went to check my cup and sure enough…it was here. My woman time went by smoothly with only one episode of leaking because it overflowed while I was at work (the low capacity is the only complaint I really have about LadyCup since I got past the grip bumps thing). After my overflow at work I decided to switch back to my Lunette for a day or two since it can handle the heavier flow. Even with these two winners in my ‘woman’ drawer in my bathroom I was craving more and decided to search on eBay.

Yuuki – small

After studying the size charts again I decided to try a small Yuuki because I could get on cheap on eBay and it was a good combination of my large Lunette’s capacity and my small LadyCup’s squishiness and smallness. I got it for $6.50 (plus $10 shipping but who can beat $16.50 for a new cup??!!) and was waiting (yet again). I was so excited about my growing cup collection and couldn’t help but keep wanting more and more and more!!! Cups are totally addicting to me. It’s like crack. Only for my lady parts. So after about 1.5 weeks my Yuuki arrived!! It was the same old song and dance at this point (playing with it, squishing it, boiling it, dry run) and my Yuuki was great. The stem was the most comfortable I had felt though I still had some poking issues so I tried trimming it and then just cutting it off completely. My Yuuki was all I thought it would be as far as comfort goes. I never felt it or got the weird cramps but I unfortunately do still have some mild hesitancy when peeing. The holes are also a bit small but I don’t really have any issues getting them cleaned out as long as I do so before stuff dries. I am now on my 3rd cycle with cups and my 1st cycle with my Yuuki. I had one leaking incident but I attribute that to the whole ‘morning gush’ phenomenon. It was this morning actually. I got out of bed, went to pee, saw red on the toilet paper, emptied about 10 ml out of the cup so it was fairly full, and decided it was the previously mentioned phenomenon.

Cloth pads/question

In my journey I have also attempted to steer away from all disposables so I invested in some liners from an Etsy seller (I can’t remember who they are or I would advertise for them!). I bought a pack of 6 for about $18 and I think they are AWESOME so far. They are cute as can be and comfy too. A little bulkier than my regular ultra thin liners but I’m willing to handle that considering I won’t have to buy ANY feminine hygiene products for a looooooong time. I do have one question though….

How do all of you keep the cloth pads from bunching? Mine always seem to migrate backwards. And I wear the full coverage undies (not granny panties but you get what I mean). I’m not a thong girl by any means! But at work this migration gets a little annoying.
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