doopadoo1 (doopadoo1) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help...completely lost with DivaCup

 I've tried searching LJ and that defeats me.  I've been doing the u fold or the punch down and neither get in far enough.  I can't maintain a hold on the fold and get it deep enough ends up popping open (not uncomfortably) and won't move anymore.  I've tried finding out what the 7 fold is on the search and can't find that either.  I've got the stem actually poking out (which I can't stand-if I tried to trim it to where it wasn't it would cut into the cup, since a very small portion of that sits out too).   I have the model 2 (had a c-section about a year ago).  
 Oh and I"m on my period now and this is the first day I've used it.
I can't even go to the restroom (number 2) without it coming out or shall we say poking out even more.  Help...please!
Tags: first time use, insertion - folding methods, stem length/trimming

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