divchina123 (divchina123) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Unbreakable Suction - Scared for IUD

So, I got a large Lunette and decided to do a dry run tonight. Went in fine, but I've been trying for hours and I CANNOT GET IT OUT.

I have a new IUD, so I am extra scared about not breaking the suction correctly, or accidentally tugging the strings during the struggle.

When I bear down, I can firmly squeeze the bottom of the cup, so much that the cup's walls are completely pinched together. But the suction won't break, at all. I've even tried pushing on the rim, but then it just starts pressing into my cervix and hurts. I am freaking out, because my cervix seems to be completely inside of the cup and the suction is unreal.

Please help.... my poor IUD :-(

***** UPDATE *****

My boyfriend came home eager to help a sister out. Dude nearly fisted me trying to get his whole hand around the cup! Then he finally squeezed it out with me squatting above him on two stools. He said it was very difficult to actually keep the suction from reforming once the seal was broken.

I am thoroughly traumatized and I don't know if I will dare use the cup again.

But thanks for your help, everyone!
Tags: iud, removal - painful or problems

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