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removal tips, and just wanted to share :)

 Ok, so I got my MCUK, period came yesterday so I got home from work and gave it a try.

Inserted, fine, removed it, fine, inserted again, got it in the right place, figured I was good to go. Apart from the stem digging in a little when I sit down all was good, I made dinner, watched TV, did a bit of Wii fit. 

Off to bed I go. And I try to take it out....I can't, its stuck.

After trying a bit more trying I wash my face, get my PJs on and clean my teeth, try success.  Make a cup of hot chocolate, read a book, try again...STILL no sucess.

I can't pop the seal! My hand just doesn't bend that way- I can get my finger about half way up my vagina- I can't and have never felt my cervix my OBGYN says I have a long vagina- my boyfriend has difficulty reaching it (and I wasn't aroused, I just wanted to know how deep I needed to go to find it!). So its stuck, and I'm starting to panic, which just makes things worse! I read a bit more of my book and tried to relax. By this time I've been at about 45minutes and the boyfriend is getting a little impatient about having me get in and out of bed. So one final try- I can reach the cup but not the rim and when I pull on the stem it feels like it would suck out my organs!  

So the boyfriend taps on the bath room door and asks what's up... I tell him its stuck (we had a convo about what the mooncup was when I bought it, he's good like that). In he comes, gets my leg on the toilet puts his fingers up, pops the seal and brings it out for me! It must be love! No questions asked, just lots of giggling! He is wonderful! Obviously I can't get him to do that EVERY time I use it! So tips please.
Tags: removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, teething troubles

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