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Gross and graphic- "contents" questions, and a few "I'm new to this" questions

 Ok, so apologies if this question has been asked, I've spent 4 hours on here tonight alone! Reader discretion advised...

So...I got my cup- recommended by a eco friendly colleague, and I like the idea of them sitting low and not having that "yikes, owww, oh no" feeling when pulling out the slightly too dry tampon at the end of my period but hate the sticky nappy, sitting in my own fluid, feeling I get with pads. So I bought one, and my period came a few days later, today in fact. So I have my cup in TMI. It feels a little funny, like the first time I used a tampon (when I was 14) and the stem digs in to my labia when I sit in certain positions (does this mean I need to trim it?) .

The real question is an "am I normal" points during my period- usually the end but some times the first day (what I call a pre-first day, as its not like my 'real' period). I get a brown sludgy discharge- its thick and sticky but not stringy and very brown (a bit like when you drop a bit of chocolate on your jeans and it melts a bit). Is this normal? and will my cup, a MCUK cope with this? 

the second question is: I inserted and removed and reinserted a few times tonight to get the hang of it, and it seems pretty easy, I seem to have got the hang of it ok (I'm sure I'll have a miss-hap or two before long). At work our bathroom is a two stalls and a communal sink affair. When inserting and removing tonight I ended up with gloop (bloody mucusy stuff from fishing around in my vag) on my hands, I can wipe most of it on loo roll and flush it but it sometimes stains or remains on my hands- how do I get to the sink unnoticed, and rinse the sink unnoticed? is this a dilemma anyone else has?

Sorry for the long ramble.
Tags: first time use, mooncup (uk), removal
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