water_bugg (water_bugg) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Too high?

I'm 3 days into my first period using my small Lunette. All seems to be going well - no leaking, it goes in and out fine. I think I've figured out the proper placement (just based on the no leaking bit), but it seems quite high -- the stem is just inside my vagina.  I'm concerned about it being so high because I'm getting an IUD before my next period. I'm hoping to be able to use the two together, but am concerned about pulling the IUD out. Seems like the agreed upon method for cup removal with an IUD is to break suction at the rim of the cup with a finger before pulling the cup down. Easy enough, but my cup's so high I can't reach the rim without tugging on the stem a little first. Any recommendations about placement or cups + IUDs?
Tags: first time use, iud, lunette, removal

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