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Norwegian website

First of all I must express some gratefulness for the all of you who are making this forum so great! It was a great help in choosing to start with cups (which I of course are madly in love with).

Here in norway there's unfortunatly hardly anyone who has heard of cups, hardly even in the health care system. This annoyed me, so i deceided on spreading the word in norwegian also, since i'd like to share the wonderfulness of cups with all my "sisters"(/"brothers"), and not all Norwegians are so good in english that they can find info on the internet.. So i created a info-site in norwegian, and i hope this will help norwegian women in choosing cups. Trying to keep the site brand-neutral and ad-free as far as possible.

If there's anyone who can read what's on the site, i'd love to get some feedback on the info i have there, if there's things i've left out etc.. Still a few minor details to fix, but here it is: www.menskopp.org 

Also thanks to zanashop, miss "whimaway", miss "m03m", and all you people on this site for putting up all the info on the net and making helpful tools in cup-choosing. You're great! :D

Anyways.. Further plans: putting up flyers on all kinds of female toilets, mail anyone i know the link,  and maybe if i have the time and resources, try to get in touch with the right people in the health care system, and se if there could be made some sort of info-campaign in the schools etc.. We'll see. ;)

At least, there's a beginning.

Tags: activism, family & friends

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