margar02 (margar02) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Excited to Try my Cup for the First Time

Hello, friends!
I became aware of the Diva Cup and Menstrual cups just a couple weeks ago and was surprised I had never heard of them before. So I did some research, loved the concept, and ordered one. It's nice to see there are helpful, cool people I can consult as I embark on my endeavor.
I don't have my next period til mid-May so I'm just counting down the days.

I do have two questions at the moment:

1. I can locate my cervix but what measurements actually constitute a low or high cervix?

2. I will likely need to figure out how to wear my nuva ring with the cup, since my periods usually start on Wednesday and end on Sunday. I'll have to have the cup in on Sunday with my ring. Any tips? I heard you can change when you start your cycle... how would I be able to get it to start sooner? Take the ring out 2 days sooner?

Nice to meet you all. Please excuse my noobishness, I just joined LJ.
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, nuvaring

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