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Just a little love post and a quick question about light days

I finally found my new large meluna ball stem soft after it went missing! Yey! And I had a fantastic period with it. I was late due to stress from moving and I started the day before the heavy cleaning began.

Let me just say, I have never been happier to have switched to a cup then I was this cycle. All the up and down motions I did, lifting heavy furniture, squatting to clean... if I'd had a tampon in it would have worked itself out (a common problem I have with the cotton bastards), there would have been rubbing and ouching, and you can never get tampons back in so then you have to grit your teeth and remove a partially dry tampon (OUCH!). Very unpleasant business.

But not with my cup. We were awesome together. We moved, we shifted together, we were the perfect size for my heavy days. It never poked me, it didn't try to abandon ship when the going got tough. We had yet another shorter period (the mystical suction fairy has blessed me several times since I made the switch).

Which brings me to my question: what size does everyone use for their light days? I have both a large and medium meluna but I'm considering getting the small (which I previously dismissed as too small) just to have the set the ease of a tiny cup. Anyone recommend the soft or the classic in a small size? My large is a soft (so lovely) and my medium is a classic; I'm favoring the soft but I wasn't sure if a soft small would pop easily (I haven't had trouble popping the soft large).
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