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Frustration with Cup

Hi everyone. So I have wanted to try a menstrual cup for some time, and I finally bought the diva cup in October. And let’s just say the learning curve for me has been very, very steep. I am a virgin, and had major troubles trying to get it in.   So I gave up after what seemed like hundreds, and hundreds of attempts. Luckily, I came to this website and the archives were very helpful. This February was the first time I used the cup with actual success, and I have now used the diva cup twice with somewhat success. Now I’m in my third cycle using the cup and have had more problems than in the last two cycles. I feel I have regressed and I am very frustrated. So I have a number of questions to ask...




This was my biggest hurdle and to some extent it still is. The first time I inserted it, I was in so much pain. Though it has gotten much better, I still feel considerable discomfort. I can only insert the cup when I am in my own bathroom, and even then I step in the shower stall because of spillage. I stand up, and try to relax and put it in. Although I have become familiar with my body, I still find my vagina is very tight (I can insert one finger but I can barely insert two fingers). I feel the passage is very narrow and resistant even when I relax. 

1)My first question is how to avoid minor pain when inserting the cup?

2) When inserting, especially on the first two days, I notice a lot of blood gushes out before I get the cup in. This is true for removal also. If I wanted to insert the cup somewhere public I would not be able to do this because of the globs of blood coming out. Any tips on how to overcome this?


Removing the cup has been much, much easier then inserting it for me, but I still have trouble.

Most importantly, when I try to remove the cup, I find a glob or globs of blood gushes out when I just press the base of the cup. This occurs when the cup is still in place, the suction is still pretty strong, and the cup is filled like a quarter of an ounce. 3) Any ideas how to deal with this?

I find even when I try to pinch one side of the cup, wiggle the cup back and forth, and bear down, I can’t avoid what feels like a sharp pinch on my vagina when the cup pops-up as it exits. This makes me dread removal. 4)Is there a way to avoid the pinching ?


I know it takes time getting used to, but I find the leaking is worst now than my last two cycles for some reason. Most of the time I guess whether I am successfully inserting the cup right correctly, or not.   I try to make sure the cup feels round inside the canal, but I am still unsure if the cup is in the right direction of the cervix.  This cycle, I feel the cup changes shape and I often feel the cup feels like it is smashed against my canal at times. Last time I put the cup in and went to the mall. I was there for three hours, and I felt great. Then I felt a leak. When I got home, there was just a few drops of blood on my underwear, but there have been a number of times where everything is fine and then a leak just occurs. And not just a drop, or two, but sometimes a bloody mess. I don’t know what to make of it. The cup was just a quarter of an ounce filled up, or sometimes the cup barely has anything in it. It makes me still have to rely on pads which I really don’t like. 

 5)My last question is what could I do to avoid leaks?

Sorry for all the questions.

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