kelbelle002 (kelbelle002) wrote in menstrual_cups,

my first cycle with a menstrual cup

So I got my cup, a small lunette selene, last summer but wasn't having my period so I had to wait. And no dry runs worked. But anyways I finally am having a period and I decided to use my cup. I finally got it in and up far enough, but I found when I had gas or needed to pee it felt very weird, and uncomfortable. Its a couple days later and it has gotten better, but not entirely. When I go pee and then take out the cup, I have to pee some more and it burns a little. I tend to have urinary infections so I am a little concerned. Is it something that my body will get used to, or am I going to harm my uretha? Thank you for your time! 
Tags: urination, uti (urinary tract infection)
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