serenebean (serenebean) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First-Time Buying...Help?

Hi everyone! I've been half-considering a cup for a couple of years, and have finally gotten around to actually looking into it. :)

Based on everything I've looked at, I think I'm leaning toward a large Lunette. I'm wondering if anyone has any further input... On my heaviest days, I use about three "Super" size tampons in 12 hours, and when I measured, my cervix ranged from about 50 to 55mm. Also not a virgin. Thoughts? Anything else that might work better?

My other concern is that I'm considering getting an IUD, so I want something that wouldn't interfere with that. I haven't discussed with my doctor yet, though, so it may be a way off yet. Thanks so much! You guys are such a fabulous resource! :D
Tags: buying decisions, lunette, sizes/size issues
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