Robs (my_aerie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yuuki cup!

I'm excited! Two days ago, I checked my mail, and there was a small package for me. It was from England and the customs paper on it said cup. YAY! So, I tore open Feminine Wear's package and found a peaceful zen-looking cylinder inside (it's got pretty leaves or something on it, the design makes me smile). I took the lid off and first cup! My beautiful large Yuuki. That night, I boiled it. Then last night, I put it in--it came just in time. I ordered it when I was on my last cycle, it got here one day before I needed it. Thank god, I was about to go buy more awful tampons so I wouldn't bleed all over myself while waiting for this to arrive. Also, Feminine Wear threw in some candy, which was a fun little treat. :)

It's taken me two tries to get it in and open sometimes, but it does go in and it does open and I can tell when it's not, so all's good on that front. I used the C fold with no problems. I might try the punch-down, but C is so easy to do and I have no problems getting it in and unfolded, so I'll probably stick with it.

Taking it out is a bit difficult, but it gets easier every time I do it. I have an IUD, so I'm a little nervous sometimes about the removal, but I've felt my string get caught up on tampons before, and haven't felt anything remotely uncomfortable with the cup, so I'm willing to bet this is probably safer than the giant balls of bleached cotton I used to shove up there. Still, I try to get a finger in to collapse the rim and break the suction before it gets too far.

So far, my cycle's been light, but I know the next day or two is usually my Niagara Falls time where an ultra tampon lasts me 3 hours--if I'm lucky. So, it'll be interesting to see what happens.

I wish I'd bought some cloth pads, too. I'm wearing a regular pad as back up for at least the first cycle, until I know I've got the hang of this thing. I hate the way they dry me out, and they always feel so clammy and hot and itchy and seems like they start stinking after an hour or two, even without any blood on them. Ugh. Horrible things.

Also, I think I do wanna get myself a smaller cup too. Ever since getting the IUD, I have times when I'm very, ahem, mucousy. It would be nice to be able to just put in a small cup those days, rather than a pantyliner or just dealing with the mucous leaking. Does anyone else do anything like that?
Tags: continuous use, first time use, insertion, iud, removal, yuuki

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