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First time deciding on a cup...

Hi, everyone! I've been lurking here for a while after being curious about menstrual cups for a while. I've decided I want one, but I'm nervous about picking the right one and I'm curious as to whether this sounds about right.

I'm an older teenager, a non-virgin, and I have the Paragard as of recently, so I'd like something that's not too suction-y to account for the IUD (I think this was recommended?) and I'm pretty sure a smaller cup will do fine. I have always had pretty heavy periods (although the Paragard hasn't made them any heavier than usual), so I definitely am concerned about having a lot of capacity (whatever absorbency tampon is above regular will be "overflowing" so to speak after about four hours). I'm also allergic to latex. My cervix is about 50 mm in, since I can reach it with my fingertip. I looked at the size and capacity charts about this, but I'm still unsure about the width--I mean, I realize cups have different widths, but what is the real significance of that? How can I determine what a suitable width would be?

It seemed to me like a Fleurcup or a Lunette would be good, but perhaps I'm overlooking something or someone else might have some thoughts. I don't really have the opportunity to order things online much, so I'm being rather picky.
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