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Pain and irritation with Lunette

 Hi there. First time posting. I've read through a lot of the archives and I can't seem to really find anything that answers my questions. I'm sorry if any of this is redundant or already been answered!

So I started using the Lunette (small size) about 3 cycles ago. I've been wanting to try a menstrual cup for a long time and after some research I chose the Lunette because it looked like a good cup and they sell them in the US. I hated it at first... I had trouble with leaks and getting it situated properly. I even got it "stuck" in there and panicked and had to spend a good 30 minutes getting it out. My second cycle wasn't that bad. I was still getting used to it but I stopped getting leaks and inserting it became a lot easier. I started my cycle again yesterday and was excited because I felt like things were getting better. Yesterday was awesome. I had pretty much no problems with the cup. I even forgot it was in there for awhile. I went out and did stuff and didn't even think about it. I got home, emptied it, reinserted, and went to bed. I left it in overnight and this morning I kept feeling a sharp poking sensation around the opening of my vagina. I went to take the cup out and noticed it was tilted sideways like to my left side, and the stem was poking my right side. I had noticed this a little before but it wasn't anything super uncomfortable. I couldn't get it positioned right, so I took it out and tried it again a few hours later. Again it keeps tilting to the left and the stem is poking me. I try to push the cup up further and angle it to the other side but it still seems to slide down and poke my insides. I'm not sure if I have a tilted uterus/cervix... but my doctor told me my vaginal canal tilts more forward rather than toward the small of your back like most women.
I'm also having a lot of trouble completely emptying my bladder which scares me as I am really prone to UTIs. Has anyone else had trouble with the Lunette cups? Are the stems just uncomfortable because of the ridges on them? I trimmed the stem just a tiny bit and maybe the sharp edges are poking me? Maybe a squishier cup or one with a ball on the end would be better for me. Either way it seems to be sitting inside of me sideways in a horizontal manner. It's really frustrating and I feel like I just want to give up on using cups altogether right now. :[ I took it out and I'm using pads in the meantime because I'm just really tired of the irritation and scared of a UTI. Haven't had a good pee today where it's been a full stream. Just annoying little trickles. :|
Thanks for any help you guys might have!!!
Tags: cervix position, chafing/irritation, lunette, sizes/size issues, sleeping, stem length/trimming, tilted uterus, urination, uti (urinary tract infection)
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