jecado (jecado) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I am about to give up!

So...I am about 3 months into using the Diva Cup and while I love it in theory, that has not translated into practice! It always leaks. The problem seems to be that it stays folded. I am assuming that is the issue as when I pull it out it is still partially folded or I hear/feel it pop open as I am pulling it out. I don't know if I've done one too many Kegels and have vaginal walls of steel but I can't get it to properly open. I have tried numerous different folds and I have no trouble inserting it. I have tried twisting it as it goes in or once it is in...moving it all around by the stem to try and get it to open, sticking my fingers up the side...all without success. It feels like it has suctioned at the time of insertion but it hasn't. I've read lots of posts and have tried suggestions I have seen to no avail. Also I have a high cervix so sometimes retrieving the cup requires extensive maneuvers leaving me with a sore wrist, and cramped fingers. I am losing hope that I can use a cup, as much as I'd like to. If anyone has any other tips I can try, let me know.

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