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Leaky fluercup... Cervix in weird position?

 Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and I'm having alot of trouble with my new fluercup. I have a large fluercup, I'm 20 and have had 1 vaginal birth.

This cycle is my first time using a cup and I've had nothing but trouble with it. I've searched and searched, trying to figure out why it keeps leaking and I've narrowed down a few things. I'm pretty sure that blood is coming through the holes when I lay down. Every time the blood is no higher than the grips but I keep finding blood on the outside of the holes which makes me think its escaping... but that' s not my main problem.

I keep leaking larger amounts of blood that couldn't possibly be coming from the holes and at first I thought I was putting it past my cervix so I put it as low in my vagina as possible... Well the problem is that is keeps sliding up past my cervix. I'm not even sure if that's suppose to happen. After doing research I've learned that the cervix is suppose to be at the top of the vagina and the cup is suppose to be under the opening... but my cervix is on the side of my vagina, and the opening is facing my back and then my vagina just travels onward into nothingness. So the cup just slides right on past it so the side of the cup is pressed against my cervix.

So here are my questions: Has anyone ever had problems with blood coming through the holes, either with a fluercup or another brand? Is there something wrong with my cervix and if so is there anything I can do about it? And if there isn't anything wrong with my cervix then how can I get my cup to stay below it?

Here's a video that made me wonder if my cervix was in the right place: http://www.youtube.com/user/MenstrualCupInfo#p/u/14/8qEaCn2w9Y4 

So I don't know if the video is just grossly misinterpreting the cervix or my cervix is just completely screwed up.
Tags: cervix position, first time use, fleurcup, leakage & spotting
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