Sarah ღ (vivirparaelamor) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sarah ღ

So I've been hearing talk about these menstrual cups. My friend got one, but she never used it. I think it was a moon cup? I never have any luck with tampons. They ALWAYS leak, even when I have a liner on and sometimes they don't even fill up BOTH sides of the tampon, and then leak. It's really annoying. Also, more often than not the tampon slides in too close to the side and it literally makes me want to hurl. Maybe I'm just shaped weird, I dunno. But that's why this worries me, cause I know there are MANY different kinds/brands and I want to get one that will most closely fit me, cause I don't want to have a bunch of cups lying around that I can't use and unlike tampons, they are a bit more expensive individually. My period is in a couple weeks, so I'm hoping to get this figured out to try them this period. So how do I know which brand is right for me?
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