Dreamer7787 (dreamer7787) wrote in menstrual_cups,


Greetings all! I'm new here and have only recently begun looking into getting a cup seriously. Since going of BCPs and switching to a ParaGard IUD my flow has become much heavier than it was. I have to change a super tampon about every two hours on my heaviest day.

My cervix is rather low normally and even lower during my periods so a Lunette seems like it would be the best fit, but I don't know which size would be better. The small Lunette, which I was originally leaning toward, seems to have mixed reviews as to whether or not it's good for a heavier flow. I'm just afraid that the large Lunette will be too large. Every time I think I've decided I come across a post that makes me wonder if I'm choosing the right one. Can anyone offer me any guidance? It would be much appreciated!
Tags: heavy blood flow, lunette selene, sizes/size issues

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