iyuukio (iyuukio) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking for a cup with more capacity?

So... I recently stopped taking birth control in favor of trying more natural ways to control the cramps during my period. I guess I had forgotten just how heavy my period is without the birth control. The medium Melunas I have were actually overkill while I was on the pill, but now I'm filling them in 2 hours. (Technically, I'm not really filling them; they start leaking once they fill to about a centimeter under the holes. I suppose because my cervix takes up space.)

Problem though, I can't handle anything much larger than the medium Meluna with ball stem. My first cup was a Diva Cup, and it was too long even without the stem. I also had problems getting the Diva to open, so I'm looking for something closer to the "squishiness" of the Meluna Soft. The Klassic Meluna works well for me too though.

I'm thinking of maybe going for a large Lunette or a large Fleurcup with stem cut off, but I'm not sure how they compare in texture to the Soft or Klassic Melunas. Any help on deciding would be wonderful. (:
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues

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