smize53 (smize53) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is it me or the cup?

Hi everyone! This my first time posting in this community so help me out and tell if I'm not making much sense :) I'm 14, I'm quite naturally skinny and tall ( I weigh 102 lbs)  and just a couple days ago I received my small lunette selene in the mail. I was so excited to try it out and do a few dry runs! So after sterilizing it and every thing I went and did my first attempt...It was horrible! I couldn't get it in! I could only get it in about a inch before feeling discomfort and slight pain. After 10 minutes of folding and holding, finger cramps, premature unfolding and failed attempts I took a break. I was definitly feeling a bit sore. I tried again several times that day  and slowly progressed. I've been using the punch-down and the 7 fold, I've tried the C fold but its just too big! I know my body pretty well and I have explored up their out of pure curiosity and I've noticed that there is a large hump/bump at the top of the entrance to my vagina so I'm guessing that is the obstacle  for the cup. I've never been able to find my cervix. So today I tried again several times. I tried to aim as best I could and got it in pretty far with the 7 fold with a bit of discomfort. I've got about an inch or so of the rim left and when I try to push it in I start to feel pain!. My grip starts to loosen and it starts to open then I'm forced to take it out after half the cups pops open inside me. I'm really discouraged and I'm now thinking that my cups a waste of money don't know if it's my anatomy thats stopping the cup or if it's the cup itselft? Tips, ideas of what I'm doing wrong, anything else you want me to add.
Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, lunette selene, virginity
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